Being a Content Creator in 2020 – My First Blog

Written by Gaurav

On April 29, 2020

There was a larger plan to putting together this post – after all, it’s supposed to be my grand entry into the blogosphere. Alas, an ill-timed, unfortunately-named bug put a damper on my plans, as well as the plans of the world as a whole. For the first time in modern times, all of civilization has been brought to a grinding halt and life as we have known it is bound to be altered for the foreseeable future.

Setting aside the impact on the global economy, unfortunately, a lot of people across the world are finding themselves trapped (for lack of a better word) at home, a lot even having lost work. With no prospects in sight, this seems a good a time as any to focus on what we can creatively do with ourselves. 

Admittedly, I am not one of the millions who feel “trapped” at home, nor am I someone who has lost their job due to the ongoing Covid-19 crisis. I am, however, a creative professional, who as stepped back from my other full-time responsibilities to focus solely on creating and publishing content come 2020 and beyond. To provide a little back-story, I’ve spent almost a decade working on marketing strategies and advising influencers, brands, and corporations across the world with regard to how to maintain their online personas – and what kind of content they need to create. Of late, I’ve realized that I’ve somehow never taken the time, for one reason or another, to accept any of my own advice and do any of the aforementioned activities for myself. I figure, now seems like the perfect time to do just that! 

In addition, I’m a passionate photographer and filmmaker. I’ve been left inspired by all the great content I see online surrounding these subjects, and I genuinely feel like I’d have something to contribute to the community. Over time, I’d love to create and share content about what I do, how I do it, why I do it, and how you, if interested, can do it yourself. 

Yes, the recent changes in how the world works have definitely soiled a whole lot of plans – but in the grander scheme of things, it has helped me think more creatively, and all-round feel stronger about what I have to convey. They say creativity doesn’t depend on external circumstances, and I think I’ve FINALLY started to believe that myself. I love staying home, and now find myself longing to go out and socialize more and just have more opportunities to create…something…anything! So I’m forced to find ways to scratch that itch while home. Quite the experience. 

So here’s the plan, in a nutshell. I’m not a content creator, influencer, or even an active social media personality…yet. In all likelihood, even if or when I am, I may be nowhere near the best at it. But “creating” is what I want to do. And that’s about all there is about that. I had watched a great video by Think Media on YouTube sometime last year, and something Sean Cannell said really resonated with me for some reason. It was about getting on YouTube, and he essentially laid out all the reasons people want to, or should, be on YouTube. One of those reasons was to document an individual journey, and have a journal of sorts of work. And I think that applies to having a journal for ‘life’ as well. It resonated because it suddenly dawned on me that there’s nothing I have to show for my over three decades of existence on this planet. No videos (though so many had obviously been shot over time). Not nearly as many pictures as one has posed for. No blogs I distinctly remember writing. No thoughts penned down on pieces of paper. Nothing. A sad by-product of that realization is that I, myself, have absolutely no real idea how much if at all, I’ve evolved and grown as a person. Personally or professionally. Sean encourages people to use the channels and platforms we have at our disposal to collate and exhibit the kind of work a business is capable of. I say I’d love to take it a step further. I want to have a repository of life as a whole. Professionally, as a photographer, a marketer, a filmmaker…I don’t know, I may be a fireman tomorrow. Personally, as someone, I thought back in the 2000s was a rather extroverted person, that hasn’t gotten active on social media in years…not to post anyway. Maybe it’s because I’ve gained weight. Maybe it’s because my hair isn’t as sexy as it used to be when I was younger. Maybe it’s just because after getting “real” jobs and growing up I somehow thought I got so much less “cool’. Maybe it’s just because I’m not as extroverted as I thought I was. But I do remember one thing rather clearly, though. The time I was “creating”, albeit mostly for myself, and was sharing content, I was excited about the day-to-day. Granted, I probably can’t be an unapologetic teenager again, but I can at least start regaining some of that pleasure I lost along the way of being able to do and share the things I love. Again, I’m probably not going to realistically be the best in the world at what I do, but that’s the beauty of art, I don’t have to be. I just have to be creating content, and I think I’m most content doing just that. 

So this is me; a marketing professional and entrepreneur who’s taken a wide step back from business to focus on creative pursuits. Personally, that’s photography and filmmaking for me. But the concepts, the experiences, and the journey are probably similar across the board. I’ve gone ahead and signed up a bunch of new social media accounts I’ll be consistently and dedicatedly sharing content through. So if that’s something you’re at all keen on checking out, I’d love for you to do so. I’ll list them down here:







Who’s all this for? Well, me, for starters. I want to have something I can go back to one day, a little ways down the road. A repository of stuff I’ve created in one form or another. But also for anyone who has ever felt they want to do something more artistic with their lives. A little something more creative. If one has ever wondered where to start and how, if ever possible, they can break free from the mundane and make it as a full-time creative in what seems like an oversaturated, noisy digital world, all this content is for you too. Let it serve as a voyeuristic insight into what it takes, and maybe you’ll pick up some tips and tricks along the way. 

Aside, don’t worry, not everything I write and post about is going to be this seemingly disjointed. There’s still a plan in place. I want to take whoever is interested behind the scenes and along for the ride of what it takes and what and how I can make it as a full-time creative and a full-time content creator. YouTube will curate more photography filmmaking and creative content, as well as video-based behind the scenes. My blog will serve as a thought process as well as where I can share experiences and ideas before, during, and after I do something. Twitter will be a place I just share snippets of some work and converse. Facebook and Instagram will hold a lot of my own work that I feel is shareworthy. And Pinterest, well, is where I try my hardest to tie it all together. Doing all this, consistently, is probably much harder than it sounds. But this is a full-time job after all. And I think putting my plans out there at least creates a sense of accountability, even if it is just with the interwebs. That’s the plan. I’m sticking to it. 

Welcome to Life: By Gaurav. 

Stay Home. Be Safe.  


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